The Brand

The Wake London was established in 2015, from the passion for quality leather, a distaste for some of the current brands people are willing to spend too much money for, support of UK manufacture and the love of the most timeless, wearable and edgy colour… black. 

The brands ethos and passion for the darker elements, has been influenced by rock, whisky and experiences, and the belief that the beauty in fashion isn’t in the constant newness but the personal character that is worn into a product. A good quality leather is durable yet supple and will get more aesthetically pleasing through age, especially when indicating the owner has enjoyed life. Every crease, every mark, every detail, is as unique as you are.

And so The Wake was born, and with all young brands visions, there are a lot more plans in store of growing the collection to feature more timeless pieces including leather jackets and more jewellery all handmade in the UK, very much like our handmade Spirit Bracelets, all infused by the natural power that this world and life possess. 


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